Our Culture

A culture of Possibilities.
Here’s how we nourish and sustain our unbounded culture of talent and trust.



Together we learn

With the largest proprietary skills training program in the industry, Gente has created a highly immersive learning environment where people come to ask, share and grow. Our constantly evolving library of knowledge incubates industry-leading talent and best practices. With topics ranging from recruitment process excellence and stakeholder engagement to leadership development and industry-specific knowledge.

Together we grow

Growth is a promise we make to every employee with the talent and desire to succeed. Our training programs, individual coaching and legion of career mentors and role models combine to create the industry’s most powerful engine for developing recruiting experts. As a result, we achieve some of the highest staff advancement and retention rates in the industry.

Together we strive

Our competitive and highly productive work culture is one of transparency, ambition and teamwork. Performance success is rooted in our philosophy of continuous process improvement and nourished by a broad web of team support and encouragement. There are no barriers in our culture… no cubicles, no egos and no politics. Instead, we offer every employee an unbounded vision of success and endless opportunities to showcase skills and reap the rewards.

Together we give

Unified in doing good inside and outside the workplace, Gente is proud to employ people with a true passion for philanthropic work. We support their generosity through ongoing company volunteerism and fundraising efforts as proud sponsors of numerous nonprofit and charitable organizations.

We are here to support you in the ‘new normal’

As our US and global clients adjust to the “new normal“ of working under the COVID-19 pandemic, Gente Consulting is here to support. Our team are all working efficiently from home and are fully operational. We are providing our services without interruption at the same standard that you have always been accustomed to. Therefore, we are here to help you with any recruitment need during and after the crisis. We are here to be your dedicated recruitment partner and consultant during the crisis and beyond.

Gente combines local expertise with global scale.

Gente serves customers locally and internationally – making us a business with true global and local expertise.

This means, wherever you are, we have the capabilities to connect your business with the talent you need.

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